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Misha’s Vineyard 2012 Whites and Older Pinot Noir Releases

22 April,2013

It seems that Misha and Andy Wilkinson’s success as one of New Zealand’s most exciting new wine producers may be a case of being at the right place at the right time. As New Zealand and indeed the world begin to approach the complexities of the Asian market for wine, Misha’s Vineyard seems to have everything in place to lead the charge. Both Misha and Andy are extremely familiar with Asia, having lived in Singapore for around 15 years. They understand the nuances and differences in cultures and the ways of thinking and business. From their professions in management, marketing and sales, and over time, they have developed networks and contacts. Their change of lifestyle to grow grapes and make wine coincided with the Asian markets opening their doors.

Olly Masters - Winemaker, Misha's Vineyard

However, it’s not just serendipitous timing and luck. The Wilkinsons have an amazing eye for detail and expectations of the highest quality. This is reflected in their own work ethic. Misha is one of the most active marketers with an unrivalled strength in the new area of social media. They have surrounded themselves with the most capable people, such as renowned winemaker Olly Masters. The result is beautifully elegant and refined wines, that just happen to be ideal with a full range of Asian cuisines! Here are my reviews of the latest releases, the 2012 whites and Pinot Noirs from 2011 and 2010. They continue the style of delicacy established from the start. www.mishasvineyard.com


Misha’s Vineyard ‘The Starlet’ Central Otago Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand – Otago


Fruit from the ‘Ski Slope’ section of the vineyard, hand-picked, WBP and cool-fermented with 23% by indigenous yeasts in seasoned French oak to 13.5% alc. Bright, very pale straw-yellow colour, near colourless on rim. The nose is softly fresh and very gentle in expression with aromas of elderflower, along with restrained nuances of limes, gooseberries, minerals and flint. Some tropical fruit notes emerge in the glass. Dry to taste and elegantly presented, soft gooseberry and tropical fruit flavours are melded with hints of minerals and fennel. The mouthfeel is soft with a phenolic line underlying the fruit, with bright acidity in support. The textures build to provide the palate drive and carry the flavours to a long and sustained finish with floral and mineral flavours prevalent. This is a soft and subtly-flavoured Sauvignon Blanc with a refined, textured mouthfeel and drive. Serve with seafood, salads and vegetables, and with creamy cheeses over the next 2+ years. 1370 cases made. 17.5-/20 Apr 2013 RRP $26.95

Misha’s Vineyard ‘Lyric’ Central Otago Riesling 2012

Riesling from New Zealand – Otago


The dry Riesling of Misha’s Vineyard. The fruit hand-picked and cool-fermented with 16% by indigenous yeasts in seasoned French oak to 13.0% alc. and 4 g/L rs. Bright, very pale straw colour with slight green hues. The bouquet is one of soft delicacy with aromas of acacia flowers and subtle notes of limes. This is quite ethereal, but grows in depth and volume. Dry to taste, the flavours of limes and white florals are expressed with softness and subtlety. This has purity, with an underlying drive and linearity. Very fine textures mark the palate, with soft acid tension in support, the mouthfeel is dry and mouthwatering. The flavours grow in volume with the inherent power in support, and citrus fruit flavours are carried to a long, rounded and dry finish. This is a delicate and pure dry Riesling with subtle power and length. Serve as an aperitif and with subtle seafood dishes over the next 4-5 years. 292 cases made. 18.5-/20 Apr 2013 RRP $26.95

Misha’s Vineyard ‘Limelight’ Central Otago Riesling 2012

Riesling from New Zealand – Otago


The medium-dry Riesling of Misha’s Vineyard. Bright, very pale straw-green colour. The nose is very gentle and even in presentation with aromas of lime fruit, exotic florals and hints of honeysuckle and minerals that slowly open in volume. Medium-dry to taste, softly rich and luscious flavours of citrus fruits, jasmine and honeysuckle gently fill the mouth. The acidity and sweetness bring a vitality to the mouthfeel, and the flavours flow smoothly along a very refined textural line. Lifted, and bright aromatic detail and a little succulence provide appealing interest, and the flavours grow in richness, carrying through to a long, honied finish with thirst-quenching, refined textures. This is a seductively subtle, succulent medium-dry Riesling to serve with mildly spicy Asian and Middle Eastern fare over the next 4-5+ years. Hand-picked fruit, WBP and cool-fermented with 24% by indigenous yeasts in old French oak to 11.5% alc. and 28 g/L rs. 873 cases made. 18.5+/20 Apr 2013 RRP $28.50

Misha’s Vineyard ‘Dress Circle’ Central Otago Pinot Gris 2012

Pinot Gris from New Zealand – Otago


Bright, soft straw-yellow colour, the faintest suggestion of blush. This has an attractive, gently full bouquet of ripe pears with nuances of rose-petals, delicate spices and honeysuckle, building with depth and showing good depth. Dryish to taste, the flavours are a little shy and locked-in. White and yellow stonefruits with kernel and skin flavours are revealed on a palate with good weight and mouthfilling presence. Very fine textures and a creaminess show good phenolic handling, though some alcohol warmth is noticeable. The wine has power and vinosity at the core which carries the restrained flavours to a finish with good length. This is an aromatic, off-dry Pinot Gris that is restrained in flavour at present, but shows good power and body. It will develop with greater richness over the next 4+ years. Serve with poultry and pork. Hand-picked fruit, WBP and cool-fermented with 31% by indigenous yeasts in seasoned French oak to 14.0% alc. and 6 g/L rs. 1299 cases made. 18.0-/20 Apr 2013 RRP $27.95

Misha’s Vineyard ‘The Gallery’ Central Otago Gewurztraminer 2012

Gewurztraminer from New Zealand – Otago


Brilliant straw-yellow colour with pale lemon-green hues. The bouquet is sleek and refined with tightly concentrated and intense aromas of exotic white and red florals entwined with notes of dark herbs, spices, mineral and musk. Off-dry to taste, this is very elegant and tightly concentrated with delicately detailed fruit flavours of musky white florals, honeysuckle and mineral-infused herbs. The mouthfeel is refined and very smooth in texture, combining slippery acidity with subtle succulence. Some alcohol drive is present, but very harmonious with the palate flow. The flavours carry through to a sustained finish with exotic rose-like florals, spice and herb notes and steely minerals. This is a sleek and refined off-dry Gewurztraminer with refreshing florals and a smooth flowing palate. Match with Thai and Vietnamese cuisine over the next 4+ years. Hand-picked fruit, WBP and cool-fermented with 30% by indigenous yeasts in seasoned French oak to 14.0% alc. and 11 g/L rs. 363 cases made. 19.0-/20 Apr 2013 RRP $31.95

Misha’s Vineyard ‘Impromptu’ Central Otago Pinot Noir 2011

Pinot Noir from New Zealand – Otago


Light ruby-red colour with some depth, and purple hues on rim. This is elegant and a little shy on bouquet, with aromas of dark red berry and cherry fruit along with notes of savoury fennel-like herbs, and earth. Medium-full bodied, this has moderately concentrated flavours of dark red berry fruits intermixed with earth and liquorice elements encased by firm tannin extraction that lends a drying flow through the palate. Savoury herb and liquorice elements emerge in the glass. The acidity is fresh but well-balanced and integral, allowing the textures to guide the palate to a moderately long, earthy cherry-flavoured finish. This is a textural Pinot Noir with savoury, earthy red fruit flavours. Match with risottos, pastas and most red meat dishes over the next 4-5+ years. A selection of ferments and barrels for an earlier maturing style. Clones 5, 114, 6, 115, with some Abel and clone 4, given a cold soak and indigenous yeast fermented to 14.0% alc., the wine spending approx. 23 days on skins and aged 8 months in 15% new 300 L French oak hogsheads. 1013 cases made. 17.0+/20 Apr 2013 RRP $29.95

Misha’s Vineyard ‘Verismo’ Central Otago Pinot Noir 2010

Pinot Noir from New Zealand – Otago


A selection of the best ferments and barrels. Clones 5, Abel, 115, 777, with some clone 6 and 667, given a cold soak and indigenous yeast fermented to 14.0% alc., the wine spending approx. 24 days on skins and aged 18 months in 42% new 300 L French oak hogsheads. Full, very dark, deep ruby-red colour with black hues, some garnet on rim. This has a full, densely packed bouquet of ripe dark raspberry and dark plum aromas unfolding layers of savoury spices, earth and liquorice and complexing dried herb nuances. Fullish-bodied, rich and mouthfilling flavours of savoury dark raspberry fruit are intermixed with dried herb, liquorice and plum, and earth elements. An array of nuances form a complex melange. The palate has considerable weight and extract to balance the fruit depth, and the structure adds to the breadth and power of the wine. The acidity is discreet, enhancing the density and concentration. This is a fulsome and layered Pinot Noir with richness, power and texture. Serve with casseroles and slow cooked red meat dishes over the next 7-9 years. 390 6-packs made. 18.5+/20 Apr 2013 RRP $62.95

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