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About Raymond Chan Wine Reviews

Raymond Chan Wine Reviews was established in 2010, accumulated over 10,000 wine reviews by Raymond Chan until February 2019.

Candice Chow continues Raymond’s legacy by offering Raymond Chan Wine Reviews since May 2020.

Raymond Chan Wine Reviews provides a unique service by publishing independent, assessment-based, critical reviews in a style that is easily understood by the wine enthusiast, wine reseller and wine producer alike. You’ll find tasting notes on many newly-released wines here. The wine reviews are free to access and use, whether you are buying or selling wine. I trust our reviews are useful and enjoyable. – Candice Chow

Featured Reviews

Rockburn – Pinot Noir 2019
Rockburn Wines makes a diverse range of high quality and interesting Central Otago wines under the winemaking of winemaker Malcolm Rees-Francis since ... Read more
Eventide – Waiheke Island Syrah
Chris Hollister originally from the US moved to New Zealand in 2007 with wife Helen. 2011, Chris co-founded EcoZip Adventures on Waiheke Island on the... Read more
Terrace Edge – Wine2Trade Portfolio
Terrace Edge is a boutique vineyard and olive grove situated on the south bank of the Waipara river, North Canterbury. Bruce and Jill Chapman purc... Read more
SOHO Wines
Rachael Carter has developed her SOHO Wine Co. labels to be multi-tired to be able to work in practically all reseller channels. A few wines sourced f... Read more
Loveblock TEE – green tea antioxidant in place of sulphur
Loveblock TEE - Erica & Kim Crawford have experimented using green tea as a natural antioxidant, instead of using sulphur as a traditional preserv... Read more
Pegasus Bay – ‘Vergence’
VERGENCE is when the pupils of the eyes look outwards, in opposite directions, before focusing. Wine made under this label will first and foremost be ... Read more
Wild Earth
  The ‘Wild Earth’ brand was established by Quintin Quider when he established Pinot Noir vineyards in Bannockburn and Lowburn in 1998 and 1... Read more
Pisa Range
Jenny and Warwick Hawker established Pisa Range vineyard in 1995 and operated on the original 4-hectare block for about 20 years. The first hectare of... Read more
No.1 Family Estate – 40 years of pioneering Methode Traditionelle in Marlborough
The Le Bruns have a motto: ‘Hearts in Marlborough since 1980, roots in Champagne since 1684” the latter part referring to Daniel’s family’s he... Read more
Matahiwi Estate
matahiwi.co.nz... Read more
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