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The Bishell family represent the modern face of New Zealand farming where success can come from diversification. The Bishells established themselves... Read more
Rockburn – New Release
Under the winemaking of Malcolm Rees-Francis, Rockburn Wines makes a diverse range of high quality and interesting Central Otago wines. However, it ... Read more
Pegasus Bay – Aged Release 2010
Pegasus Bay Aged Release is one of the most exciting releases that I look forward to. Pegasus Bay Aged Release program started with the 2006 wines ... Read more
Wild Earth – Earth & Sky
Wild Earth "Earth & Sky" is their flagship of the range, only produced in exceptional vintages with exceptional fruit from the Bannockburn area,... Read more
Villa Maria – Keltern Chardonnay
The Keltern Single Vineyard Chardonnay, first released in 2002, 2019 is the second release under the classy new label. The flagship Chardonnay of Vi... Read more
Wrights Vineyard & Winery – Natural Wine Co.
Wrights Vineyard and Winery is celebrating their 20 years of winemaking in Gisborne. Natural Wine Co. launched in 2012, they are committed to susta... Read more
Goldschmidt Vineyards
Native Kiwi winemaker Nick Goldschmidt has a very long history with winemaking, he was at Kumeu River before Michael, Coopers Creek and Babich in t... Read more
Maori Point
Two families of scientists devoted to the ecosystem of their vineyard at Maori Point. They study it, nurture it, and savour the wine it creates. Usi... Read more
Decibel Wines
Daniel Brennan took a sip of a Martinborough Pinot Noir in Philidelphia which inspired him to travel to NZ penniless to pursue winemaking. Daniel at... Read more
Te Kano
Te Kano, Maori for seed, celebrates the lone surviving Kowhai tree affectionately known as ‘Old Man Kowhai’ on the Northburn slopes above Lake D... Read more
Neck of The Woods
‘Neck of the Woods’ is the wine brand of AJ Johnson, a television industry man who started his wine journey in the vineyard and working with the... Read more
Raymond Chan’s Legacy Lives On
Raymond Chan Wine Reviews provided a unique service by publishing independent, assessment-based, critical reviews in a style that is easily understo... Read more
The Thomas family owned Greystone winegrowing business is multi-tiered and multi-branded, an essential approach in being successful in the marketpla... Read more
Pegasus Bay
Pegasus Bay winery is one of the top wineries in Canterbury. The Donaldson family have been seriously involved in winemaking since the 1970s and wer... Read more
Tony Bish
It is well-recognised that Tony Bish is one of this country’s best makers of Chardonnay. Not only is this based on his track record with the Sacre... Read more